Holistic Dentists Could Be the Answer

Holistic Dentists Could Be the Answer

Holistic dentists understand how toxic materials and chemicals used in dentistry can affect overall health. Holistic dentists understand the connections between the oral cavity and the materials that are used for root canals, fillings and other invasive dental procedures.

Holistic literally means whole. Dentistry for Health NY understands the importance of dentistry and overall health and sees the links between gingivitis and other diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

Mercury-True holistic dentists have a natural approach to dentistry and believe that any amount of mercury is too much for the body to handle. Mercury is a toxin and although silver amalgam fillings may last longer than composite dental fillings, they can weaken the tooth. This means the filling could outlast your tooth. Dentistry for Health does not place mercury even though the American Dental Association has deemed it safe for use.

Root Canal Therapy-Holistic dentists believe that the canals in the teeth need to be completely sterilized and bacteria free, however, studies show that it is impossible to completely sterilize the root canals and that the chemicals used by conventional dentists are toxic. One of those chemicals is formaldehyde. The bacteria left in the canal can cause other health issues including heart disease and breast cancer. Holistic dentists don’t usually recommend root canal therapy.

Fluoride-Although traditional dentists shout the praises of fluoride, Dentistry for Health NY explains that any form of fluoride that is ingested isn’t good for whole health, as fluoride has been linked to bone problems and cancer. Too much fluoride can also lead to fluorosis.

Biocompatible Dentistry-Most dentists would never conduct tests to see if the materials used are biocompatible to your body. Holistic dentists will conduct biocompatibility testing before deciding on a treatment for your dental issues.

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