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Take a Virtual Tour of Our Office!

Virtual Tour of Dentistry for Health! Want to see our treatment rooms? Can’t remember what amenities our waiting room offers? Or perhaps you just dig Virtual Tours! We had the good folks from Google come and do a Google 360 Business photoshoot at our office…

Silver Amalgam Filling Removal for your Valentine

Silver amalgam filling removal could be the best gift you have ever given your Valentine, and thanks to your holistic dentist in New York, you can be assured that every silver amalgam restoration will be removed safely protected both your Valentine and the dental team….

Dental Restoration Repair Could Be Just What You Need

Dental restoration repair could be just what you need if you have been dealing with a broken dental crown or a cracked filling. When you repair your restorations, including removal and replacement of your silver amalgam fillings, you will be improving your overall health. According…

Silver Amalgam Removal in the New Year for a New You

If silver amalgam removal is part of the new you that you promised yourself on New Year’s Eve, call or click and schedule an appointment with your dentist in New York who can safely remove your silver amalgam restorations making you look and feel better….

Curious about CBD Oil? Maybe there’s a Better Option?

  Let’s talk cannabinoids, CBD oil, and doTERRA’s new essential oil, Copaiba. Cannabinoids – What are they? Cannabinoids are substances originally identified by researchers investigating the effects of cannabis (hence the name), cannabinoids are sorted into three different categories, based on where they are manufactured:…