Laser Treatment for Herpes

A Pain-Free Treatment for Herpes Labialis
Cold sores (or herpetic lesions) are blisters that form around the mouth and lips and are both painful and infectious. If left on their own, they will start to heal within a couple of days and usually resolve within a couple of weeks.

However, with the use of a dental laser, we can dramatically increase the healing time, decrease the pain and decrease the risk of transmitting the virus to loved ones.

The Benefits of Laser Treatment

  • Progression is halted instantly and healing begins immediately.
  • Reduces the chance of future outbreaks.
  • Sores are immediately neutralized and are no longer infectious.
  • Immediate reduction in pain & discomfort.

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Recurrent infection with herpes simplex virus is a common disease. Recently, alternative therapies have been introduced such as low-intensity laser therapy mainly used for the acceleration of wound healing and in reducing the pain associated with herpes infections.

Lesions which are treated with the laser rarely reoccur. The mechanism by which laser treatment suppress recurrent outbreaks is not fully understood. We surmise that somehow laser treated lip tissue is altered so that it doesn’t conduct typical stimuli that would normally cause the release of virus particles or, more unlikely, its able to eradicate virus particles from the nerve cell itself.

Patients who have been treated with the laser do not report any difference in sensation with the treated area. There is no numbness or altered sensation of the lip tissue. Read here from one of our satisfied patients: