What To Do If You Find Out You Have “Mercury Toxicity”!

What To Do If You Find Out You Have “Mercury Toxicity”!

During examinations by a skilled holistic dentist, some patients will learn that they have “mercury toxicity.” If it turns out that you’ve developed this condition, the best first step you can take is to educate yourself about the issues of mercury exposure. Read, talk to people, and ask questions to gain some basic knowledge before you make any significant decisions about your treatment.

Here’s a key fact you’ll learn in your research:

Detoxification should not begin before the source of mercury is removed.

But do not start to remove the mercury until you learn what is needed to safely and properly remove this element, once you feel certain that you would prefer to replace your amalgams with safer materials.

Then, make sure your dentist begins your detoxification program two to three weeks before starting the amalgam removal process.

But First A Note Of Caution: Be leery of any dentist who wants to remove your amalgam fillings immediately if you are found to already have mercury toxicity.

It is true that the longer the source of mercury remains in place, the more accumulated damage is possible. But it’s even more important to proceed with extra care.

Do not rush into beginning your amalgam removal program before you’ve taken precautions to protect yourself throughout the process. An intricate protocol is needed to assure your safety while the mercury source is being removed and any dental fillings, crowns, etc. are being replaced with biocompatible materials.

After the procedures, a skilled practitioner will take all the required steps to detoxify your body by removing all remaining mercury from your system.