Our Philosophy

Our Services… At Your Service

Our office is ready to serve you with a full range of dental services, from cosmetic to restorative to life-long oral health maintenance!

Oral Health Is The Gateway To Whole Body Wellness

We follow a philosophy of doing what it takes to live and work on our planet sustainably that rolls over into our wellness treatments. This in turn allows your body to self-regulate, repair itself and thus harnessing your body’s innate ability to sustain itself!

Clean Office, Clean Earth

We care passionately about the world around us. We’re concerned with the issues related to operating a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible dental office. As a result of our extensive research, our new office includes many state-of-the-art solutions to indoor environmental problems when located in NYC. For example, we do not run our Dental units on New York City water, but solely use sanitized, charcoal-filtered water from specially installed ozonation filters. These filters were designed to eliminate chlorine, ammonia, all bacteria and a variety of other chemicals commonly found in NYC tap water.

We Take The Time

We spend more time with you than most any Dentist our there. Our office sees fewer patients during the course of a workday than most practices, simply because we concentrate on caring for YOU and your individual needs. Our motto is to treat our patients with the same care we would hope to receive in their shoes!

We Care… Alot!

We care about our patients so much, we treat them like family and only want to see them happy and health. So we focus on motivating and inspiring our patients to pursue healthier lifestyles and sustain them. We offer advice on nutrition, exercise and whole body wellness.

We’re Eliminating Gum Disease & Bad Breath (Halitosis)!

Over 20 years ago, we designed and implemented a simple program for our patients that has virtually eliminated the need to have painful gum surgeries and extractions altogether! Want to learn more? Click Here to get more information about our office’s unique approach to life-long oral health.

TMD/TMJ: Head, Neck & Facial Pain

We have advanced training in the analysis, treatment and management of temporomandibular join (TMJ) disorders, trauma related head and neck pain, atypical facial neuralgia and chronic headaches. As with all our treatments, we take the whole-body perspective here and employ all healing modalities we deem appropriate for the diagnosis including massage, acupuncture, acu-stimulation, herbal remedies, as well as holistic and tradition dental techniques.

Adult and Adolescent Restorative Dentistry

Whenever possible we emphasize treating and strengthening all healthy tooth structures rather than removing and replacing them. We can typically achieve a superior aesthetic result by only utilizing the highest quality materials and the most advanced techniques available today.

Periodontal Soft-Tissue Management

We treat periodontal disease with the most conservative methods possible. With the use of microscopic analysis, herbal formulas, nutrition & dietary supplementation, education and conventional hygiene therapies, we eliminate the need for painful surgeries!