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Dr. Sarah Hubert, D.D.S.

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Dr. Sarah Hubert, D.D.S.

If you are like most people, you have experienced one or more of the following issues……

Your last dental filling took 15 minutes and hurt like hell hours later…

Dr. Hubert practices an advanced form of restorative dentistry called Biomimetic Dentistry.  This approach is much gentler to your teeth than traditional dentistry.  It purpose is conservation – only the damaged area is removed and is restored with longevity in mind.  We want your tooth to remain as strong and healthy as possible for as long as possible.  These techniques greatly reduce sensitivity.  It is rare that our patients report any discomfort after their visit.

Your fillings always need to be replaced and your dentist doesn’t explain why …

Biomimetic Dentistry is not only conservative, it is long lasting.  Fillings done the traditional way often fail before five years.  The margins are not sealed adequately and the bond between the filling material and tooth weakens over time.  Worse, traditional dentistry tends to remove healthy tooth structure.  Dr. Hubert has spent hundreds of hours of education on composite artistry, technique and biomimetic principals so that she can provide the best service for her patients.

Every time you see your dentist there is a new cavity to fill…

Dr. Hubert focuses on prevention and complete healing.  Preventing disease rather than reacting to disease allows for as little dentistry as possible to maintain function, health, comfort and beauty.  Working with my patients, we create the opportunity for them to become as healthy as they want to be.  Traditional dentistry is tooth centered – it’s model is disease -> repair -> disease -> repair.  We have moved away from disease management to focus on health creation.  With a long term and systems based approach, we can achieve optimal, stable health.

You endured years of braces as a teenager and now your teeth have shifted…

Dr. Hubert has over 10 years experience providing orthodontic solutions with Invisalign® clear aligners.  From simple to complex cases, she develops plans that provide the highest esthetic and functional outcome.  Not only do her patients look better, they often feel better because she takes into account their whole system when designing their unique plan.  Teeth will shift if breathing, soft tissues, airway and the TMJ are not considered.  Dr. Hubert uses advanced techniques such as removable expansion appliances, myofunctional therapy, lingual frenectomy, and breathe training to provide long lasting results.

Your bed partner snores and it’s disrupting your sleep…

Normal breathing at rest should be through the nose with lips sealed and it should be silent.  Snoring indicates a collapsing airway.  Disruptive snoring is wide spread and can indicate a breathing disorder.  Dr. Hubert has spent hundreds of hours studying sleep breathing disorders.  With a thorough exam and screening, she works with her patients to develop treatment plans that heal the cause of the problem, not the effect.  Treatments include breathe training, nutritional counseling, ENT referral, orthodontic expansion of the upper jaw, myofunctional therapy, and tongue-tie release.

You are always tired and haven’t slept well for years – your doctor says you need CPAP or a sleep device (apnea mouthguard) but neither option sounds good to you…

Current therapies for sleep apnea include CPAP and Mandibular advancement devices (MAD). Dr. Hubert uses a device called Apnodent which minimizes the possible side effects of jaw pain and tooth movement.  Both a CPAP and MAD treat the symptoms of the disease, not the cause.  In severe cases it is absolutely necessary to do so in order to be healthy enough for other treatments.  Over half the people who start these therapies stop using them after two years.  For this reason, we consider them as short term strategies.

For patients with moderate sleep apnea, upper airway resistance syndrome and snoring (all sleep breathing disorders) Dr. Hubert will tailor the treatments to work toward a cure.  This may include biofeedback for breathe training, myofunctional therapy, tongue and/or lip tie release, expansion orthodontics, surgically assisted expansion, orthotropics, ENT referral for possible nasal surgery, nutrition counseling for weight loss and referral to oral-maxillofacial surgeon for jaw advancement surgery.

You suffer from regular headaches, neck pain and TMJ pain.  The night guard your dentist made hasn’t helped…

There is a direct correlation between the health of the joint (TMJ) and the occlusion (your bite or the way your upper and lower teeth come together) and sleep breathing disorders. Signs and symptoms of an unstable joint/bite include headaches, neck and shoulder pain, tooth wear, gum recession and unexplained tooth or mouth pain.  If the TMJ or the bite is not stable, it causes disharmony with the muscles of the head and neck.

Dr. Hubert uses splint therapy to stabilize the joint and relax inflamed muscles. The splint is worn day and night, even while eating.  Dr. Hubert performs weekly splint adjustments. Over time the muscles quiet and the joint stabilizes. It is similar to physical therapy.  Often, patients see a relief in discomfort within the first weeks of wearing the splint.  In many cases, we achieve a complete cessation of adverse and painful symptoms with splint therapy.

While the splint is therapeutic, it is not the cure. After joint stabilization has been achieved, an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be made. Treatment plans can include composite or porcelain restorations to establish a new, balanced bite.  It may include chiropractic therapy, myofunctional therapy, expansive orthodontics and in some cases – surgery to improve severe jaw relationships and open a restricted airway.

You have high blood pressure, you’re 10 pounds over weight and every time you see your dental hygienist, she gets on your case about flossing…

Integrative dentistry is founded on the premise that the body functions as a complex system, made up of interconnected parts, all of which influence one another in function.  Recognizing that oral health influences complete body health is what sets integrative, holistic dentists apart from those who treat single symptoms.

Your high blood pressure has more to do with your bleeding gums than you might think.  There is a direct link between gum disease and heart disease.  Bacteria that are present in bleeding gums will work their way into your blood vessels.  They will cause inflammation of the vessels, just like they do to your gums.  We take gum health seriously because as the saying goes, “your mouth is the gateway to your body.”