Silver Amalgam and Mercury What You May Not Know

Silver Amalgam and Mercury What You May Not Know

Silver amalgam is certainly new to dentistry. Back in the day, a few thousand years ago, dentists used a variety of techniques to take care of teeth and gums.

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Some would fill teeth with bees wax while others would make dental bridges out of copper. In contrast, dentists in Ancient Greece and Rome adorned teeth with semi precious stones and gems that would rival today’s grills.

Consequently, as barbaric as some of those ancient cosmetic dental procedures may sound, most would probably be safer.

Why is Silver Amalgam Bad?

Although the American Dental Association claims that it is okay to use silver amalgam for dental restorations, your Holistic dentist, Dr. Reid Winick certainly knows better.

Dr. Winick explains that silver amalgam contains mercury. Because mercury is a toxic substance, it has been linked to serious health complications.

Mercury is Highly Toxic

Amalgam fillings contain around 50 percent of toxic mercury. Mercury is also exposed to unborn children, patients, staff and dental professionals.  Over time, you will accumulate more mercury. Mercury poisoning is serious.

Recent Findings for Silver Amalgam

In 2009, the FDA issued its final ruling and reclassified mercury to class 11 from class 1. Class 11 means there is more risk with special guidelines issued for dental amalgam placement and removal.

In the documents, the FDA admitted that dental amalgam releases mercury vapor causing neurological health effects. Dentistry for Health NY explains that mercury vapor is at its highest level after placement and removal.

One study went on to say that, “Mercury vapor is transmitted rapidly throughout the body, easily crosses cell membranes, and like organic methyl mercury has significant toxic effects at much lower levels of exposure than other inorganic mercury forms.”

Safe Removal and Replacement

Dentistry for Health NY has the experience, education, and equipment to safely remove your silver amalgam fillings and restorations. Once removed, your problem teeth will be repaired using bio identical materials that won’t make you sick.

If you would like to make an appointment with a Holistic Dentist in New York, call and schedule a safe silver amalgam filling removal consultation with Dentistry for Health NY today.