Silver Amalgam Could Be the Cause of your Allergies

Silver Amalgam Could Be the Cause of your Allergies

Silver amalgam or other non-bio-compatible materials could be the reason you are allergic to the dentist.


Fear keeps millions of people from regular dental checkups. Some patients break out or suffer other allergic reactions because of the materials used by the dentist.

Discuss Everything with your Holistic Dentist

When you see your dentist, it is important to make a list of things that you would like to discuss during your dental checkup.

Discussing your dental issues is of the utmost importance, but you also must discuss your allergies. Not letting your dentist know what you are allergic to is dangerous to your health. You may have something bothering you, a restoration that needs to be replaced, or a cavity. However, there is one topic that should not be avoided and that is allergies.

Allergic Reactions to Silver Amalgam

Although common allergies such as hay fever or pollen, will not affect your dental checkup, contact allergies could. However, most people have no idea that they are allergic to dental materials. A holistic dentist will only use bio-compatible materials because this alleviates any problems that occur with silver amalgam.

Biocompatible instead of Silver Amalgam

Dentistry for Healthy NY, unlike the American Dental Association, understands the dangers of silver amalgam dental restorations and does not use them in the office. The team from Dentistry for Health will remove your dental restorations before refilling or replacing with bio-compatible dental materials.

If you have an allergy to latex, the team from Dentistry for Health has options that are safe for use on patients who have allergies to dental gloves made from latex.

Safe Silver Amalgam Removal and Replacement

Dentistry for Health NY uses the safest removal procedures and replaces old restorations with bio-compatible materials. This is the only way to keep you safe from the dangers of silver amalgam.

If your allergies have been keeping you out of the dentist’s chair, call or click and schedule a dental checkup with Dentistry for Health NY.