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Silver Amalgam Could Be the Cause of your Allergies

Silver amalgam or other non-bio-compatible materials could be the reason you are allergic to the dentist. Fear keeps millions of people from regular dental checkups. Some patients break out or suffer other allergic reactions because of the materials used by the dentist. Discuss Everything with…

Silver Amalgam and Mercury What You May Not Know

Silver amalgam is certainly new to dentistry. Back in the day, a few thousand years ago, dentists used a variety of techniques to take care of teeth and gums. Some would fill teeth with bees wax while others would make dental bridges out of copper….

Silver Amalgam Filling Removal for your Valentine

Silver amalgam filling removal could be the best gift you have ever given your Valentine, and thanks to your holistic dentist in New York, you can be assured that every silver amalgam restoration will be removed safely protected both your Valentine and the dental team….