Pam D.

I’m extremely satisfied with my first appointment. I am truly looking forward to working on my gum issues and I’m so happy that I won’t need surgery.

Liz G.

The state of the art facilities, friendly environment, convenient location and excellent treatment care, is well worth the cost..I know I am getting excellent holistic care overall…

Lynn L.

Dear Dr. Winick,

It surprises me to say that it was a pleasure having my mercury fillings removed and replaced with safer material. Having gone into the process with much anxiety about how difficult the experience would be, I feel relieved and grateful that it was so easy and relaxing. Your “chairside manner” was friendly and calming, and listening to my choice of music added to the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The ear stimulation probably helped as well. It’s wonderful to see that drugs are not necessary to make dentistry relaxing and pain-free. You’ve helped me overcome my fears of extensive dental work, and I’m very grateful for that. My thanks to Masha as well for adding to my comfort and care.

Best regards,
Lynn Leibowitz

Lisa L.

I never thought I would say a visit to the dentist was pleasant. I had delayed going because of dread. Despite the extra work I needed, I felt really good about my experience. I particularly like the holistic approach and lifestyle recommendations.

Lisa P.

I have been to a number of other dentists. Here I have found a place where I feel confident, secure, in good knowledgable and skilled hands and at peace… I’m just starting a plan of dental care here that is crucial to my health and preparing for surgery… and instead of leaving here stressed by the advent of potential trauma, I left here feeling excited and relieved about the future of my health and the condition of my mouth and teeth, and thus the rest of my health as well. This dentist will be looking to remove the original cause of the symptoms, not just take out the symptoms by removing handfuls of teeth and performing irreversible surgical procedures on my gums in order to remove the only the symptom…