Linda G.

I came to see Dr. Winick, thinking I was being poisoned by my amalgam fillings. As I sat in his chair, he carefully listened to my symptoms:

crushing fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, inexplicably sensitive teeth.

He could have said, “it’s your fillings”, and I would have paid cash to remove them on the spot! Instead, he slowed me down and encouraged me to get my thyroid checked first. Turns out, he was right. My hypothyroidism was causing the symptoms.

Dr. Winick truly knows his stuff and cares about the WHOLE patient. I can’t thank him enough for guiding me in the right direction when all my other doctors missed it.

-Linda Greenberg

Lawrence D.

I had a cleaning and X-ray visit with Dr. Kessler and was in a bit of a rush. They got me in and out on time and did not skip anything. They did a fantastic job. Don’t hesitate to make Dentistry for Health your primary Dentist. Dr. Kessler and the whole team are professional, knowledgeable and very focused on their patients well being.

Joshua H.

Dear Craniosacral Therapists in NYC & Michael Shea’s training,

I found a wonderful bite/tmj specialist Dentist who follows the Cranial Rhythm during his sessions to help him develop the right bite guard, augmentation of teeth and other subtle interventions. Last month, I followed him as he treated a number of patients and now I’ve gone myself and wanted to share him as a resource.

His name is Kem Moser and he practices in NYC at Dentistry for Health (Reid Winick’s DDS. Holistic dentistry clinic) and in PA

His work with me has been incredibly illuminating, showing me how different parts of our jaw structure develop in our formative years or don’t develop so fully, creating an incorrect bite, which then can create dysfunction throughout the spine and body. There’s even a lineage of dentists who use the Cranial Rhythm as a guide that I’d never even heard of.

His specificity is really amazing. Using my own sessions as an example, he noted that my right maxilla is stuck in flexion, forcing the left side to overcompensate during the extension phase. He also noticed that my maxilla, compared to my mandible didn’t develop as fully. When testing a guard, he’ll have clients bite down, then he’ll follow if the cranial rhythm gets fully and longer. As he corrects the bite, I could feel a clarity within my head compared to when the bite plate wasn’t fully balanced.

So he’s really an amazing resource for us in the Cranial world with clients perhaps having structural jaw dysfunction as a source of tension.

You can contact him at his email:
He’s up at Dentistry for Health, Thurs and Fri 212 973 9425


Take care,

Joshua Horwitz

Gricel V.

Dear Dr. Winick,
I want to thank you and your wonderful staff for saving me from loosing my front teeth. I was told by my dentist I had to extract my upper four front teeth and make a denture. I was very upset and you and your staff assured me that I can heal my teeth by following your perio-program and eating healthier. I am doing wonderful with my original teeth and do not plan to loose any of them.

Thank You,


Great attention to mercury-free procedures, minimizing my exposure to my old mercury filling when it was drilled out and great care in choosing bio-compatible composite material for new filling; use of acupressure and even a belly magnet to calm me and minimize discomfort or anxiety; use of ozone/lasers to ensure no tooth discomfort afterwards (I had none at all) and great care in filling the tooth properly and assuring a good bite. I also recommend the periodontal program here – amazing results and I didn’t think I even had peridontal issues.