Diana Kirschner

“After having a health scare, I went the see a variety of alternative and complementary doctors to strengthen my overall health. I took a “heavy metals test” and couldn’t believe how high I tested for all the metals… but most of all mercury!

I did lots of research and found out that I couldn’t de-tox the metals while I still had amalgam fillings. I learned that in order to rid the metals from my tissues and organs, it was necessary to take the amalgam fillings out. Of course at that point I found Dr. Winick. He took all the fillings out in four visits and kept me entertained with endless jokes and silly stories that truthfully were always really funny!

Then I was able to begin the de-tox program. As the daughter of a retired dentist, I’ve always been completely satisfied with Dr. Winick’s work and continue to be a patient 5 years later… I also really appreciate that he knows so much about holistic healthcare and continues to learn new things in the field of alternative health and healing which benefit us all.”

“I have had a dental phobia since childhood and dental work can easily make me extremely anxious. In Dr. Winick’s care I was able to relax in the dental chair. In fact, one day I was in a rush and suggested that he fill a shallow cavity with no novocaine, which he did quickly and expertly!”

Diana Kirschner

Dr. Diana Kirschner’s reality TV show, Love in 90 Days Boot Camp, is an Official Selection of the New York TV Festival, webcast by MSN. She has appeared on OPRAH & GOOD MORNING AMERICA. Her book, “Opening Love’s Door: The 7 Lessons” has been called a ‘cult classic’ by Readerviews.com & her Amazon short, “The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Love You Want” is a #1 bestseller.

Asuncion C

“Happy to be a patient at DFHNY!”
Highly skilled professionals that know what they are doing and care, not just about teeth, but the overall health of the client.

Arline O.

“Most pleasant and insightful”
We were shown great courtesy and the DDS spent a great deal of time with us. His insight was most helpful.


My experience of dentistry prior to coming to Dentistry for Health was traumatic:
First there was the discomfort of being forced to awkwardly recline while a stranger poked inside my mouth and I could not speak.
Second, the overwhelming despair and sadness that sometimes brought me close to tears when hearing I had yet another cavity, bacteria in my gums, or an infection needing a root canal.
Third, feeling the dentist beside me had no empathy towards my emotional distraught left me feeling isolated and angry.
Fourth, be hit by the financial cost of the procedures was overwhelming.

Fifth, leaving the visit without any strategies to prevent this re-occurring pattern. Since I was very dedicated to brushing and flossing, ate no sweets, and had what I felt was a healthier diet than the average person, I could not understand how in each appointment there was several major crisis to be addressed. To my eyes it seemed like no matter what I did, I could never catch up to my oral health. “Dr. Winick’s office has changed this. He is a dentist who’s had an interest in educating me and exposing me to strategies that involved prevention and healing” not just damage control. Thanks to Dentistry for Health I have been able to see my oral problems in the context of my overall health, which has been enlightening.

The process has not been easy. It has been an investment and a serious commitment to follow the protocols I have been given. At times I have been overwhelmed and confused. Yet things have started to change in my oral health. I don’t have cavities every time I go for a check up now, nor do I have gingivitis. I no longer see my teeth as my enemies.

I don’t think my fear of dental appointments will ever completely disappear, but everybody in this office is nice and warm. I know they are on my side and trying to help me. I am happy to see them and I feel grateful to each person in staff for their warmth and how they have treated me while there.

Ariel A

“My last visit was top notch”
Thanks again for the professionalism, courtesy, and especially the use of progressive techniques which you always seem to have a gauge on. It’s how health should be delivered.