Ruth R.

Ruth R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Winick for several years. I was referred to him because of my extreme difficulty in finding a dentist who could be sensitive to my needs, as I found it almost impossible to sit in a dentist’s chair due to my history of intense dental trauma throughout my life.

Dr. Winick listened to me, did not discount anything I said, and helped me to regain control over my experience. We had continuing conversations about my emotional needs, the work that I needed done, and options (which no other dentist had ever given me!).

I am now able to sit in the dentist’s chair quite easily, and I know, that if any problems should arise, I will be taken care of, worked with, and not be told to basically ‘tough it out’.

Not every dentist is the same. Dr. Winick proves that and in ways beyond his technical expertise. He sees you as a whole person, not just a set of teeth.

I would also like to add the Dr. Winick’s staff exhibits the same sensitivities and awareness.

Ruth Rogers