Mercury-Free Dentistry & Safe Amalgam Removal

Got a sweet tooth? You’re not alone. According to some estimates, the average U.S. citizen consumes nearly 43 pounds of sugar every year. And besides the extra calories, all that sweetness has one other side-effect:


They’re one of the primary reasons people go to the dentist, and taking care of them is a basic service offered by all dental professionals.

For many years, traditional dentistry has used “silver” fillings (technically known as amalgams) to treat and fill cavities. While they certainly look like silver, amalgams are actually 50% mercury – the most toxic non-radioactive element. Exposure to mercury has been proven to cause mood swings, memory loss, rashes, and a variety of other serious health problems. And even though the debate about the safety of using amalgams continues, so far as we’re concerned the issue has been settled.

Our practice is 100% committed to filling cavities only with mercury-free materials such as porcelain and white composite.

Sometimes patients who learn of the possible health dangers of mercury-based fillings try to find a holistic dentist to remove them. Now every dentist is trained in school to remove amalgam fillings, however, many do not have all the recommended safety equipment for this complex procedure. For your safety, we strive to offer the most complete protection possible by taking the following steps:

  • Using a rubber dam or a special suction device.
  • Supplying large amounts of water with special suction while amalgams and nickel crowns are being cut with a high-speed drill.
  • Replacing the amalgams with only those dental materials proven to be biocompatible with you.
  • Using negative ion generators to remove the massive amount of mercury vapor as it’s released into the dental office atmosphere.

Now choosing an Oral Health professional is an important decision and you shouldn’t make it based on only one procedure. Since it’s we view Dentistry as a holistic specialty, make sure you also consider his or her full range of services, procedures, experience and approaches. So take the Holistic View – that’s our recommendation and we think it’s very sweet advice.