The Holo-dontic Experience

The Holo-Dontic Experience

Our unique Holo-Dontic™ Experience was designed to help you obtain and sustain optimal health of your entire body. How can we do this through dental care? The mouth is a unique window into viewing the health of the body’s organs and systems. Through the knowledge of this relationship between oral and bodily health, we have created a process which empowers your body to reclaim its innate ability to heal itself. Let us take you through our unique experience.


The process by which the overall wellbeing of the person is reflected and influenced by their oral health.

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Step 1: Explore

The first step of our process involves gathering more information about your oral and bodily health.

Tooth for Life Conversation

Together we will clarify your wellness goals and we will discuss how the health of your teeth can impact the health of your entire body.

tooth for life conversation
step 2 assess

Step 2: Assess

Next we will assess your oral health and provide opportunities to evaluate the stress of your bodys organs and systems.

Oral Health Assessment

We will perform a full evaluation of the health of your teeth and gums and show you how areas of oral weakness correlate with stress of your body’s organs and systems.

Body Health Assessment

Utilizing cutting-edge evaluative processes, we can give you insights into areas of your body which may be exhibiting stress and provide you with solutions to bring your body into greater balance.

Step 3: Direct

Our team will review the results of your oral and body health assessments, and lay out a very clear wellness map for you to accomplish your health goals.

Your Holo-Dontic™ Wellness map will include:

  • A detailed explanation of proposed dental treatments.
  • A timeline of appointments for accomplishment of your health goals.
  • Recommendations to trusted healthcare practitioners for support of your organ/system stress.
  • Specific, measurable goals to assess our progress.
step 3 direct
step 4 apply

Step 4: Apply

In the following sessions, we will implement our customized Holo-Dontic™ wellness map and administer the appropriate wellness-oriented solutions to help you achieve optimal health.

Step 5: Celebrate

At the conclusion of your Holo-Dontic’” wellness map, we will measure our progress together, make certain that we have met your health goals, and celebrate your accomplishments.