Dental Restoration Repair Could Be Just What You Need

Dental Restoration Repair Could Be Just What You Need

Dental Restoration Repair Could Be Just What You Need

Dental restoration repair could be just what you need if you have been dealing with a broken dental crown or a cracked filling. When you repair your restorations, including removal and replacement of your silver amalgam fillings, you will be improving your overall health.

According to Dentistry for Health NY, safely removing and replacing your silver amalgam fillings with biocompatible dental materials can greatly improve not only your smile, but your overall health as well.

Silver fillings are not attractive, and if you have a mouthful of color, you may not always feel like smiling. When you schedule an appointment with Dentistry for Health NY, you can start grinning again with safe silver amalgam removal and dental restoration repair. Once safely removed your old fillings will be replaced with biocompatible dental materials that are safe for your oral and overall health.

The team from Dentistry for Health NY is trained to provide you with the safest devices for silver amalgam filling removal, and dental restoration repair including removing toxic vapors that are released during the silver amalgam filling removal. As pioneers of mercury free dentistry New York, you can feel confident knowing that you are in safe hands. However, it’s not just silver fillings that Dentistry for Health NY can take care of.

The holistic dentists in New York can also safely remove your silver crowns replacing them with biocompatible dental materials that are just as natural looking as your own teeth. Unlike other types of dental crowns, the dental materials used by Dentistry for Health will not make you look like you have a mouth full of metal.

Old dental restorations can cause more than aesthetic problems. Old dental restorations can also cause problems for your overall oral health. Leaking silver amalgam can get into your blood stream giving you more problems than you had bargained for.

If your old dental restorations are giving you problems and you have been considering safe silver amalgam filling removal and dental restoration repair, call or click and schedule an appointment with the holistic dentists in New York from Dentistry for Health NY. Your body will thank you for it.

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Silver Amalgam Removal in the New Year for a New You

Silver Amalgam Removal in the New Year for a New You

Silver Amalgam Removal in the New Year for a New You

If silver amalgam removal is part of the new you that you promised yourself on New Year’s Eve, call or click and schedule an appointment with your dentist in New York who can safely remove your silver amalgam restorations making you look and feel better.

With some still arguing that amalgam is perfectly safe for humans, Dentistry for Health NY disagrees. Although the American Dental Association has deemed amalgam safe for fillings and other dental restorations, holistic dentists in New York know better and recommend silver amalgam removal.

The amalgam used by dentists contains 50 percent mercury. Mercury is a reproductive and neurotoxin that releases vapors when:

  • The amalgam is placed in the tooth
  • You chew
  • You brush
  • You grind or clench your teeth

People with silver amalgam restorations have higher mercury levels than those who have amalgam free fillings.

Although silver amalgam isn’t safe for anyone, some are particularly at risk, those who can develop mercury sensitivities or mercury poisoning include:

  • Children
  • Women who are ready to bear children
  • Infants who are breastfed
  • People who suffer from kidney impairments
  • People who are genetically susceptible to metals
  • People who suffer from neurological disorders
  • People who were or are still exposed to other mercury sources
  • People who are hypersensitive
  • People who suffer from allergies
  • People with other metal or metals in their mouth
  • Dental professionals

All dental professionals who are exposed to amalgam during silver amalgam removal and basic dental work are at risk when it comes to mercury sensitivity, or mercury poisoning. Dentistry for Health NY uses safe silver amalgam removal methods that will keep both you and the New York dentist team safe from mercury exposure.

If your New Year’s Resolution includes a healthier you, call or click and schedule an appointment for amalgam removal with your Holistic Dentist in New York. Silver amalgam filling removal just may give you more energy.

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