Tobacco Use Will Affect your Oral Health

Tobacco Use Will Affect your Oral Health

Tobacco use leads to all sorts of dental problems that include:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Salivary gland inflammation
  • Jawbone loss
  • Leukoplakia
  • Gum disease
  • A delay in healing
  • Lower success rate for dental implants
  • High risk for oral cancer

Smoking and Gum Disease

Tobacco use will interfere with gum tissue cell function. This makes tobacco users more susceptible to gingivitis, and the more serious periodontal disease. Smoking and chewing tobacco also impairs the flow of blood to the gums, which slows healing.

Pipes and Cigars

Just like cigarettes; pipes, cigars and even Hookah pipes can cause oral health issues. People who smoke cigars are more susceptible to bone loss, while pipe smokers are at risk for tooth loss. Beyond the oral health issues, cigar and pipe smokers are in the high-risk category for throat and oral cancer, even if the tobacco isn’t inhaled.

Chewing Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco products are just as bad for your oral health as well. Chewing tobacco has over 28 chemicals that may increase your risk of throat and oral cancer, and cancer of the esophagus. Smokeless tobacco products also have more nicotine than cigarettes making it more difficult to kick the habit. One can of chew has more nicotine than 60 cigarettes. Chewing tobacco also contains sugar making you more susceptible to tooth decay.

According to the American Cancer Society 90 percent of people who have been diagnosed with lip, tongue, mouth, or throat cancer were smokers. Twenty seven percent of people who continue to smoke after they have been cured will develop cancer of the throat, tongue, lips and mouth, while those who quit after being cancer free only had a 6 percent chance of developing cancer a second time.

If you are a tobacco user, kick the habit and schedule regular appointments with your dentist for comprehensive dental exams and oral cancer screenings.

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