Damaged Silver Amalgam Fillings Can Be Dangerous

Damaged Silver Amalgam Fillings Can Be Dangerous

Damaged Silver Amalgam Fillings Can Be Dangerous

Your old dental restorations could be harboring a dark secret. You may be proud of your 30-year-old silver amalgam fillings, but you can bet there is something hiding under your old dental restorations. Bragging about your 25-year-old dental crowns isn’t something you should be telling the world about as tooth decay could still form under old dental restorations and silver amalgam fillings.

According to your Holistic Dentist New York, tooth decay can form in the healthy part of the tooth. If you should have a crack or chip in the filling, which is highly likely considering its age, mercury from the silver amalgam will leak. Not only that, a crack can allow for bacteria and debris to penetrate the tooth. You may think you are okay because you are not in pain, but Dentistry for Health New York has a different opinion.

Cavities don’t always hurt, especially if the pulp inside the tooth has been damaged, is dying, or is already dead. The pulp in your tooth contains nerves that will desensitize the tooth making it impossible to feel anything.

Dentistry for Health NY is the healthy way to safely remove your silver amalgam fillings in a safe environment. As pioneers in the safety of silver amalgam filling removal in New York, the silver amalgam removal team will safely remove your fillings and replace them with biocompatible dental materials that your body will love.

Silver amalgam can get into your bloodstream. Silver amalgam contains mercury and is allowed for use by the American Dental Association, Holistic Dentists in New York know better.

If you follow the Dentistry for Health Blog, you will know that mercury vapors from your fillings and dental crowns are released constantly. Sadly, 72 percent of people surveyed in the United States were not aware of the link between silver fillings and mercury. 92 percent of that group questioned the mercury leakage issues during silver filling placement.

Holistic Dentists explain that mercury is linked to neurological issues and mental disorders. The powerful neurotoxin has also been linked to chronic illness and autoimmune disease.

If you have old dental restorations why take the chance? Safe dental restoration removal and replacement is safe and affordable and most importantly, better for your overall health. Call or click and schedule a no obligation silver amalgam filling removal consultation in New York from Dentistry for Health NY today. Your smile and your body will reward you for it.

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