Laser Gum Surgery for a Permanent Solution

Laser Gum Surgery for a Permanent Solution

laser gum surgery

It’s a startling fact that 75 percent of American adults have periodontal disease on some level, and if you have, or have had gum disease, you are certainly not alone. Laser gum surgery can help prevent gum disease from recurring and preserves your gum tissue.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease ranges from mild inflammation of the gums to severe bleeding, redness and swelling. If left untreated severe periodontal disease can cause tooth loss.

According to Dentistry for Health NY, an established Holistic Dental Center New York, recent research has indicated what Dr. Reid Winick and his team have known all along; that gum disease is related to your overall health with studies linking it to cardiovascular disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and even Alzheimer’s disease. If you suffer from gum disease, your chances of developing diabetes are higher than they would be if you had healthy gums.

New Dental Technology

There’s no use sugar coating the fact that periodontal disease is serious and must be treated, but thanks to 21st century dental technology, you don’t have to resort to surgery. Laser gum surgery eliminates the need to go under the knife, which can go a long way in preserving your natural teeth and your gums.

Laser Gum Surgery Benefits

In the past, gum disease treatments involved healthy gum tissue loss as dentists were forced to cut and stitch. Not only did this cause bleeding, pain and bandages, but it also resulted in down time. Gum surgery patients were forced to eat soft foods and deal with the pain that was brought on by the procedure.

Some of the benefits of the procedure allow you to:

Heal faster-Treatments that are minimally invasive will allow you to heal faster. Anyone who has had surgery knows how long it can take to heal from any type of surgical procedure.

Avoid gum line reduction-Because there is no cutting and stitching you won’t lose your gums.

Remain healthier in the long term-Patients who brush, floss, enjoy a healthy diet and visit their Holistic Dentist New York regularly are more likely to see permanent results from the procedure.

Enjoy minimal discomfort-You will rarely need pain medication for laser gum surgery.

Preserve your natural teeth-People with severe gum disease are in the high-risk category when it comes to tooth loss. Early intervention with laser gum surgery may help prevent tooth loss from occurring.

Allow for new bone growth-According to Dentistry for Health NY, laser gum surgery is helping promote bone regeneration around teeth.

Enjoy a shorter recovery time-Most patients feel well enough to go back to work and get on with life immediately after the procedure.

Gum disease is serious, but can be healed the natural way with Holistic Dentistry. Call or click and schedule an appointment with Dentistry for Health NY.