Mercury Free Dentistry for a Healthier Body

Mercury Free Dentistry for a Healthier Body

mercury free dentistry

Mercury Free Dentistry is possible thanks to the team of holistic dentists from Dentistry for Health NY. Holistic Dentistry treats the whole person in the most natural way possible, and that certainly doesn’t include amalgam.

The debate about silver amalgam fillings has been going on for years with the FDA deeming it perfectly safe for dentistry, however those that furiously disagree, claim that silver amalgam can cause physical harm.

How Dangerous is Amalgam?

Amalgam is dangerous enough for Sweden, Norway, and Denmark to ban amalgam filling use back in 2008 for health and environmental reasons. At certain levels, this powerful neurotoxin, used in silver amalgam fillings, can cause chronic illness, autoimmune disease, neurological issues, and even mental disorders.

Silver amalgam fillings contain 50 percent mercury combined with copper, tin and silver. Recent studies show that mercury vapor exposure, the stuff that can cause health problems, can increase due to teeth grinding, gum chewing and enjoying carbonated drinks. If you have broken, chipped or cracked amalgam fillings your chances of ingesting larger amounts of mercury vapor are much higher.

Dentistry for Health NY has the tools, the team, and the experience to safely remove your silver amalgam fillings. The holistic dental clinic in New York practices mercury free dentistry and has helped thousands of patients become mercury free with safe, biocompatible products that can help restore your teeth and gums.

Dentistry for Health NY provides alternatives when it comes to removing and replacing silver amalgam fillings, and although all dentists have the training to remove silver amalgam fillings, not all have the knowledge needed to safely extinguish and remove the toxic vapors that are released after removal.

As pioneers of mercury free dentistry, the holistic dentists from Dentistry for Health NY pride themselves on providing the safest and most biocompatible methods available in dentistry today.

If you would like to learn more about mercury free dentistry and holistic dentistry, call or click and schedule a no obligation mercury free dentistry consultation with Dentistry for Health NY today.