The Difference between Mercury Safe and Mercury Free Dentistry

The Difference between Mercury Safe and Mercury Free Dentistry

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Mercury Free Dentistry was used more than 40 years ago as a way for dentists to establish their dental practices as Mercury Free. However, back then Mercury Free wasn’t that accurate, as dentists who didn’t use amalgam in fillings still had to take them out. Unsafe mercury removal releases harmful and excessive amounts of the toxic vapor.

Mercury Free restoration removal equipment was developed to minimize the patient’s mercury exposure during removal. Using these safe protocols for mercury removal meant that the dental practice was now Mercury Free as well.

Dentistry for Health NY is both Mercury Free and Mercury Safe. Patients need to be aware that if a dentist says the dental practice is Mercury Free, it may not be Mercury Safe.

Massive amounts of toxic mercury vapor, over 200 times the levels allowed by regulatory agencies, are released when silver amalgam fillings are not removed in a Mercury Safe Dental office. Dentistry for Health NY has the training, experience, skills, and the equipment for safe silver amalgam filling removal.

Dentistry for Health NY is a dental center that has pioneered Mercury Free Dentistry and Mercury Safe Dentistry using the safest silver amalgam removal procedures available.

Once the fillings have been removed, biocompatible materials will be used for cosmetic, general, and restorative dentistry.

For the safety of Dentistry for Health NY patients, the dental center in NY:

  • Uses a special suction tool or a rubber dam
  • Uses lots of water with the suction device while the fillings and nickel crowns are being removed
  • Replaces the silver amalgams with biocompatible dental materials that are compatible with you
  • Removes the large amounts of mercury vapor that is released during removal with negative ion generators

Mercury Free Dentistry and Mercury Safe Dentistry can make a huge difference to your overall health, as silver amalgam can cause all sorts of physical and mental problems.

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