Root Canal Therapy is it Necessary?

Root Canal Therapy is it Necessary?

Root canal therapy may not be the only answer. Holistic Dentistry for Health New York approaches tooth decay differently than traditional dentists.

Unfortunately, when decay is not treated in the early stages, it can cause more problems. If the decay in your tooth has hit the pulp, which is where the nerves, roots, and tissue are located inside of your tooth, it can make everyday tasks quite difficult requiring root canal therapy.

If you have a cavity that has reached the pulp, it can make eating, drinking and even talking difficult. Holistic Dentistry for Health NY offers patients alternatives to traditional root canal therapy and will do everything in their power to avoid the dreaded dead tooth.

So what is a Root Canal?

Every tooth has a root canal which is a chamber located inside of your tooth. The pulp contains nerves, lymph vessels, and blood vessels that nourish your tooth. The pulp also transmits pain signals to your brain. If you have been avoiding that small cavity, it could turn into something much worse.

Conventional Root Canal Therapy

If the pulp in your tooth has been exposed to infection or bacteria, the tissues supporting the teeth begin to die. This will cause the tooth to become infected, which could lead to an abscess. Traditional root canal therapy removes the pulp and nerves before thoroughly cleaning the area. Once cleaned, the root canal chambers are sealed, with a dental crown placed over the top to prevent additional structural damage.

Most conventional dentists recommend root canals because they have not gotten to the root of the problem, no pun intended. Dentistry for Health NY will diagnose the source of the dental pain and diagnose the issue. Often times, a root canal isn’t necessary, but is usually the easy route to take, as conventional dentists don’t have the time to diagnose the real problem. Holistic Dentistry looks at the whole person.

Although most dentists recommend root canal therapy for pulp death, there are other alternatives. Call or click and talk to Dr. Reid Winick from Dentistry for Health NY today if you have been suffering from tooth pain. You may not need root canal therapy, call or click now.