Plaque and Tartar Can Cause Tooth Loss

Plaque and Tartar Can Cause Tooth Loss

Plaque and tartar can be controlled with brushing, flossing, a healthy diet and regular checkups with Dentistry for Health NY, however if you are less than diligent with your oral hygiene habits you could be asking for trouble.

Plaque and tartar cover the surface of your teeth and gums. If you do not brush and floss, you will eventually have gaps between your gums and teeth. This will lead to gum inflammation, tooth decay and tooth loss. If left untreated gum disease can also cause systemic issues.

Researchers are now discovering what holistic dentists have known all along, that inflammation and bacteria in the mouth affects your overall health and could be linked to congestive heart failure, stroke, and even dementia.

What is Plaque?

Plaque is constantly forming on your teeth, even at night when you sleep. When you drink or eat foods that contain starches and sugars the bacteria starts to attack the enamel on your teeth as it releases acids. Over time, that sticky plaque will begin to break down the enamel on your teeth, which will lead to dental caries.

Plaque buildup can also cause gum disease. Gingivitis will make your gums swollen and tender, but if left untreated can lead to periodontal disease. If severe gum disease isn’t taken care of your gum tissue will pull away from your teeth destroying the supporting bone. If this occurs, you may lose your teeth.

What is Tartar?

Called calculus, tartar forms above and below your gum line. Because it is porous and rough, it will cause gum recession, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss.

Tartar will make it difficult to brush and floss as you should, which will cause tooth decay. If tartar forms above the gum line, it can damage your gums, which could lead to periodontal disease.

If you have problems controlling plaque and tartar, call or click and schedule an appointment with Dentistry for Health NY.