Routine Dental Checkups Can Help Overall Health

Routine Dental Checkups Can Help Overall Health

Routine dental checkups not only decrease the risk of gum disease and tooth decay, but can also help your dentist diagnose more life-threatening medical problems such as oral cancer, diabetes, and eating disorders.

Oral Cancer
One of the most common cancers on the planet, oral cancer can be treated if caught in the early stages. With more than 35,000 cases reported each year in the US, indicators could include lumps, hard spots, thick spots, bleeding sores. If you have a sore in your mouth that will not heal, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dentistry for Health NY.

Because oral cancer can be difficult to diagnose yourself, routine dental checkups are imperative. Your dentist will look for irregular tissue changes, feel for lumps, and look for any irregularities in your cheeks, neck, head, tongue, and your oral cavity.

Over 30 million people in America have been diagnosed with diabetes and because the disease reduces your ability to fight off infection, your gums will pay the price. Bacteria and plaque cause gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease. In addition, people with diabetes also have chronic halitosis and oral infections. People who suffer from diabetes should schedule routine dental checkups more often.

Eating Disorders
Bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa, both eating disorders, will rob your body of essential vitamins and minerals. Without proper nutrition, your gums will become tender, soft and bleed easily. People who suffer from eating disorders will notice a change in the color of their gums as well.

Excessive vomiting will cause tooth erosion and discoloration thanks to stomach acids. People with bulimia and anorexia may also experience tooth enamel loss, sensitive teeth, and swollen salivary glands.

Your holistic dentist understands that disease will negatively affect your overall health, however with routine dental checkups any oral health changes can be detected during your dental exam.

Routine dental checkups are essential for overall health and if you can’t remember the last time you saw your dentist, schedule an appointment with Dentistry for Health NY today. Your body will thank you for it.

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