Safe Silver Amalgam Removal with a Holistic Dentist

Safe Silver Amalgam Removal with a Holistic Dentist

Safe Silver Amalgam Removal with a Holistic Dentist

Some dentists claim to safely remove silver amalgam fillings. However, not all dentists are equipped to handle the issues that go along with silver amalgam removal.

As a New York holistic dentist, Dr. Reid Winick recommends silver amalgam removal. While you may think your silver fillings are hideous, there are health issues to consider as well.

Why Should I Bother with Silver Amalgam Removal?

Although the ADA, American Dental Association deems amalgam safe for teeth and the body, the Food and Drug Administration, or the FDA, recently released a warning to consumers stating that, “Dental amalgams contain mercury, which may have neurotoxic effects on the nervous systems.” Holistic dentists have always known this to be the case.

Dr. Winick explains that silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is toxic to the body. Care and safety must be taken when removing silver amalgam fillings. If your dentist is still placing silver fillings and believes they are safe, why would he or she take special precautions to remove them?

Safe Silver Amalgam Removal New York

According to Dentistry for Health New York most dentists don’t know how to remove silver amalgam fillings safely. During removal, toxic vapor is released. Mercury air filters along with other precautions such as special suction equipment, rubber dams, and negative ion generators are used continuously during silver amalgam filling removal.

Why Dentistry for Health NY?

Dentistry for Health NY, the mercury free dentistry pioneers; provide patients with the safest silver amalgam removal in New York.

After removal you can be assured that your new crowns, fillings and other dental restorations will be made with biocompatible materials.

If you would like more information regarding mercury free dentistry and safe silver amalgam removal, call or click and schedule an appointment with your New York Holistic Dentist, Dentistry for Health NY.