Healthy foods for Teeth and Gums During the Holidays

Healthy foods for Teeth and Gums During the Holidays

As Holistic dentists, we try to give our patients the best advice when it comes to healthy foods for teeth and gums. However, during the holidays it can be tough to stick to a plan. Dentistry for Health NY, has come up with a few ideas that can help you keep your teeth and gums healthy during the holidays.

Champagne and Bubbly Drinks

A toast or two is okay, however, if you find yourself standing next to the punch bowl all night, you could be asking for problems. Fizzy drinks, including soda, are not the best when it comes to healthy food for teeth and gums. Although diet sodas don’t contain sugar, they can still cause enamel erosion. If you must have another drink after your holiday toast have a glass of water.

Holiday Goodies

Those pies, cookies, cakes and other holiday pastries aren’t the best choices when it comes to healthy foods for teeth and gums. Instead of tucking into your Grandmothers hard to resist butter rum cake or sugar cookies, go for a plate of fresh veggies. Healthy food for teeth and gums can also be healthy for your waistline.

Dried Fruit

You may think you are saving yourself a few calories when you eat dried figs, apricots, or prunes, but because those dried fruit platters are loaded with sugar, you are actually consuming about the same amount of calories, not to mention the harm that you are causing your teeth and gums. Enjoy fresh fruit, but keep the citrus to a minimum as the acid can erode the enamel on your teeth.


The holidays were made for eggnog, but unfortunately, this sugar-laden favorite is not healthy for your teeth. When you add alcohol to the mix, you could suffer from dry mouth prohibiting saliva production. If you have dry mouth the sugary residue from the eggnog will stay put causing more damage.

If you love the holidays, eat healthy foods for teeth, and don’t forget to schedule your bi-annual dental appointment for the New Year. It could prevent an unexpected trip to your Holistic Dentist in New York.

Happy Holidays from the team at Dentistry for Health NY!